Online Poker Tournament playing Texas Holdem


Online Poker Tournament

So here I am, Mr. Joe Average Poker Guy, writing my first post about playing Texas Holdem in an Online Poker Tournament. As many authors do, I was facing the issue of how to get started. My solution – what about just a little personal desktop to lay some credibility groundwork.

I’ve experienced the agen bandarqq industry for over 26 years employed in both Surveillance and Table Games, though perhaps not in Poker. Now I am a Pit Manager in a midwest casino. My poker experience began from the U.S. Navy playing in’friendly’ trader’s choice games (as when there is anything like a friendly match of Guts).

Playing Texas Holdem in an Online Poker Tournament is relatively fresh for me yet I’m having a great time learning the ropes in small buy-in games. My best finish so far was 3rd place in a two-table Sit-n-Go Online Poker Tournament at Full Tilt Poker. It is this experience plus some lessons I heard that I want to relate for you now.

This kind of championship was my fourth one for this particular online poker tournament session. Between my prior buy ins and cash game play I was stuck to the day. Finishing from the cash with this particular championship, which are the final 3 players, would get me even for daily. As luck would have it I made it on the last four players as the chip leader – go figure! Now this is not a real bad beat narrative; I really did create the last three but I think it was my”drama to get even for your afternoon” mindset which cost me the championship and first place money.

I was the large blind with A-8 suited hearts. Player number two made a sizable raise. The button folded and the little blind went all in having an abysmal raise. As I knew someone was going to be knocked out and I’d be at the amount of money I folded. It had been possibly the perfect movement despite my mentality, and I honestly did have the worst beginning since they revealed A-K and A-Q respectively. I’d have knocked both and been heads upward with about 95% of the processors. Since it was I ended third.

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